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Cass Wong

Cass Wong or also Known as her favorite Website and Social Media ID: Lye Funn , was current Malaysia e-commerce Association Committee Members. Cass Wong also e-commerce trainer and online trainer of Humanities...

Master Xi

In years 2011 Master Xi(Currently President of Malaysia E-commerce Community) ,Mr.Hoo Chong Long the excellence bloggers whose using ID XiLiuLong begin to coach the Internet Marketing Courses. He was experienced Beauty Trainer , also the founder of The 9th Order...

Patrick Yap (Professional Videographer)

Malaysia e-commerce Community IT expert , Patrick Yap (Professional Videographer) – Midas Touch PLT About Midas Touch PLT As legend foretold, we have been fortunate enough to be granted with the gift of Midas since 1997. After of which, we scanned the current...

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